Laundry Appliances

Washing Machines & Dryers
DACAPS repairs & services all makes and models of commercial and domestic washing machines & dryers, is also the preferred warranty agent for a most diverse range of manufacturers & extended warranty providers. We distribute parts as well as providing support services to these manufacturers.

What we do for washer repair customers:

  • Call 30-60 minutes before we arrive
  • Assess & once diagnosed, give you an estimate before we begin work
  • Fix it right the first time
  • Guarantee our work
  • Offer a 10% discount on Call Out Fee if you book your repair online

and offer alternatives for you to consider along side your repair if repair not economical i.e. a new very competitively priced T2 replacement (scratch & dent, packaging damage) or a brand new replacement. All with warranty.


Online Booking = 10% Discount on Callout Fee

Is your washer displaying an error code?
A reset can resolve many washing machine error codes. Turn the power off and then on again. If the error code is still displayed, make a repair booking online.
Does your washer have a mildew odor?

Prevent mildew odors by leaving the washer door slightly open when not in use.
Is your washer not draining?

Prevent draining problems by making sure your hoses are not kinked. Pushing your washing machine up against the wall can crush the hoses, so be sure to leave some space between the washer and wall!

Still having trouble? Book a repair online and get 10% discount on the callout fee!